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Legally Forensic

Our Consulting Firm provides assistance at any stage of the litigation process. However, the earlier we are able to assist you, the greater the opportunity you will have to address your concerns and possibly resolve your legal matter, even before the start of trial.

We are trial strategy experts and masters in understanding the social dynamics in presenting effective, cohesive and compelling cases to juries. Our aim is that the jurors will want to be the advocates for the client in the jury deliberation room. Our methods provide the Lawyer with valuable insights that help develop their approach to a trial.

Do you need to settle a case? Should the case be tried? What is the likely outcome?

Want to know the answer to this question? Then call us now to find out how we can assist you.

We are trial consultants who provide a myriad of pretrial and trial services, jury specialists, litigation consultants, we have many names. Let us improve your arguments and rhetoric and help prepare witnesses, provide expert assistance with trial presentations and much more – just to name a few.

Who Are We?

We are a team of 2 who help you decide your best trial strategy.

How do we do this?

Through a series of meetings, face to face or via video or both we take your case and pick it apart piece by piece, dissecting it, looking for the flaws and potential downfalls in your case so as we can advise you as to the best way forward.

But How?

Whether it is by holding a mock trial with or without a shadow/mock jury or on a one-to-one basis we show you the best way to get the results you need. This could be by giving you training on when to say the right thing, what questions to pose to a jury for consideration or to show you when the silent “pause” can be used to your advantage to cause the “element of doubt” in a case. You may need help with how to effectively communicate a complex or complicated stack of evidence.

Judge and Gavel

What Else?

Evaluating and preparing your witnesses, on how to react, or not react, how to dress, how to present themselves, understanding courtroom etiquette and procedure. Coaching them in advance of their hearing to be the most prepared for the day from communication and coping techniques to specific case related information, dress code and their demeanour.

We evaluate your witnesses, are they credible, believable and likeable do we need to modify the trial strategy to suit? We can advise them on how to speak more clearly, be more confident and be more comfortable in their role in the trial.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

This is not our consideration. We are looking to get you the result YOU want for your client. We are not bound by anyone or any Court so there are things that can be disclosed to us by your party that you may not know but we can help them without having the duty of privilege to reveal to any Court.

We work in cooperation with a lawyer and their witness almost as a reviewer to see their effectiveness of their arguments of case to review how it would affect judges and witnesses. We do not employ and illegal acts we are simply highly skilled in litigation preparations, presentation and effectiveness. We can prepare your witness for the road ahead and are highly trained when it comes to those who suffer with learning difficulties and mental health issues.

Looking at ways in which we can get the lawyer to influence decisions potential jurors come to in a trial to allow for a favourable verdict whether this is for the defending or prosecuting lawyer. Helping the lawyer to prepare questions for potential jurors for cross examination and if needed assisting in a re write the “Voir dire” process where the jurors are explained the case, this can be written in a way where even if a juror is prejudice it will make them question their thoughts and responses to sway in favour of the defendant or prosecutor.

We analyse body language, facial expressions during practice / mocks and during the trial with the jurors to see how much the case is in favour. We continue to observe and analyse during the trail to assess how effectively the lawyer is conveying his/her view of the case.

During cross examination / testimony we can note when jurors may seem emotional from testimony or how they may remain unaffected, there may be discomfort amongst jurors which may cause a hung jury causing a mistrial.

We can go on to review the closing statement to see which would “play out” best with the jurors amending as necessary to sway in favour of the outcome required.

After assessment of the lawyer’s case strategy plan and review of all testimonies and statements it will allow for us to give a decision on If the case is win, loose or on the fence allowing us to adjust everything needed accordingly to your favour to give you the best possible outcome.

Image by Giammarco
You only have one chance to make a good impression, there will not be another chance. Once you, as a lawyer are standing up to introduce yourself to the jurors and the Court you are being sized up as if on stage and they are all ready deciding if they like you or not. So, your “Voir Dire” is the most important time to set the very best impression. We help you develop your Voir Dire strategy to make sure that it is designed to elicit the most information possible from the jurors. This can also be done with a mock jury in place and then questioning them about how they feel of your

“Voir Dire”

Engage a Consultant

early in your case – we do more than just assess and conduct research. Depending on your client’s exposure and budget you could use us to prepare key witnesses and to craft compelling demonstratives for your trial.

It is an art and a science. Whilst there are never any guarantees within litigation, by hiring an experienced consultant it can improve your chances of obtaining that favourable result for your client!

The best trial consultants are teachers who can take a great story and tell it in a more compelling way to give an increased understanding and increased empathy from its listeners.

Information Sessions

These can be held at any time to help with strategies, witness preparation, lawyer preparation, reviewing statements, closing arguments etc.

Mock Trials with Mock Jurors

These allow us to find out the following:

  • To evaluate and deal with any preconceived notions jurors may have about the client or the issues involved in the case.

  • Understand what questions the jury have once the case is presented.

  • Discover what issues the jury focuses on, discards or ignores.

  • Defining that the mock jurors seem are the weakest and strongest components of evidence in the trial.

  • Allowing time to evaluate the credibility and believability of key witnesses.

  • Minimising confusion with aspects and evidence in the case.

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Who Do
We Work With?

We work on all styles and sizes of cases usually involving lawyers; however, we also represent individuals, private individuals, corporations and public entities.

We cover the whole of the UK but are also available to be hired outside of the UK on either a virtual or in person contract or both.

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